19 Jun 2006

Samoa Supreme Court heard electoral rolls were released without permission

3:55 pm on 19 June 2006

The Supreme Court in Samoa has heard evidence that copies of electoral rolls were released from the government printing to an election candidate without permission of the Electoral Commissioner.

Election petitioner ,Tautoloitua Farani Posala, said an elector of his constituency who works at the government printing where rolls were printed had sold him three copies.

It includes a copy containing photos of electors and voters of the Aleipata Itupa i lalo constituency.

The elector said he was assisting his campaign but had testified in support of the Member of Parliament's allegations against him.

His lawyer Tuala Karanita has shown the court copies of the roll in a move to discredit the printing employee's evidence against his client.

But instead his client has agreed to suggestions from the presiding judges that what he did was an offence.