9 Oct 2006

More information sought after suggestions that PNG police be tested for HIV

7:58 pm on 9 October 2006

The Papua New Guinea Police association says more information is needed on how staff will be selected for HIV testing.

Last week the PNG health minister Sir Peter Barter said given the high rate of HIV in the country he wanted the police force to include voluntary testing for HIV among officers.

Sir Peter said he will appeal to the minister of police, the acting police commisisoner and the police association to support his call for testing.

But the president of the PNG police association Robert Ali says the move raises some concerns and further discussion is needed.

"I think its to do with safety and health issues in the organisation. But probably that's something that will have to be mooted and we here at the union would really want to get to the bottom of it and see to what extent and how it will affect members and with respect to subject people to testings, where we have the freedom of speech in this association, it could infringe on their constitutional rights."

The PNG Police association president, Robert Ali