15 Jan 2007

Wanted conman Foster in court in Vanuatu over illegal entry

4:10 pm on 15 January 2007

Australian conman Peter Foster is due in court in Vanuatu's capital Port Vila this afternoon to face charges of illegal entry.

Foster was arrested by Vanuatu police yesterday after allegedly being illegally smuggled into the country earlier in the week on board a former Australian naval ship.

The ship and a crew of 8 have all been grounded, while two Australian residents in Vanuatu have also been charged with aiding and abbetting Foster.

A warrant was issued for Foster's arrest in Fiji last Monday after he failed for a second time to appear in the Suva Magistrates Court on fraud charges.

Vanuatu police spokesman Willie Ben says Foster must now first face the law in Vila..

"We've received information from Fiji making their request but at this stage we have no formal arrangements between the authorities of Fiji and the authorities of Vanuatu to extradite him back to Fiji. They are working on that but we are still focussing on the investigation to answer the charges laid against him."

Vanuatu police spokesman Willie Ben