2 Mar 2007

French Polynesian assembly faces delays amid boycott

3:02 pm on 2 March 2007

The French Polynesian assembly is expected to resume an extraordinary sitting today amid a boycott by opposition members.

The ruling coalition sought an adjournment this morning as it is preparing an amendment to the workings of the assembly.

Some members, who don't belong to the dominant Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party, want to be able to lower the number of assembly members required for a group to be formed within the assembly.

The Tahoeraa has been reluctant to agree to that.

The move comes amid an apparent rivalry in the government camp on who should be the candidate in next month's election of a new assembly president.

The opposition stayed away because the today's sitting was called by the ruling coalition after the last sitting had been formally closed by the assembly's vice-president, who belongs to the opposition.