13 Mar 2007

Nine people die during long running dispute between two Papua clans

9:56 am on 13 March 2007

Indonesian police say nine people have been killed and hundreds of others injured during continuing inter-clan fighting in a remote part of Papua province

The Jakarta Post newspaper quotes the Sugapa distirct deputy police chief, Brig. Gen. Max D Aer, as saying the violence, in Yoparu village, was sparked by the death of a local teacher.

The man's family, who are from the Sani clan, believed he had been poisoned by members of the Kobogau clan.

The Sani clan then demanded the traditional penalty of a "head for a head".

That demand was rejected and the violence began on Jan. 21st..

Police negotiated an end to the hostilities in early February but fighting broke out again on the 26th and has continued since.

Four of the nine dead were from the Sani clan.

Five members of the Kobogau clan have died in the violence.