28 Mar 2007

Fiji police stop union meeting

4:16 pm on 28 March 2007

Fiji police have stopped a union meeting in Suva from going ahead because of the emergency regulations in place.

The Fiji Times reports that National Union of Public Workers wanted to hold its annual general meeting but was advised by police that it could not be held.

The union's general secretary, Alfred Manuel, says the police came in to stop their meeting because they did not have a permit.

He says he and the union lawyer were taken to the Central Police Station for questioning before being released two hours later.

This comes as public sector unions are set to strike in a bid to counter the pay cuts ordered by the military-backed government.

The public service commission says police and soldiers will be called in to join non-striking public servants should industrial action be taken.

The military has also warned that anyone choosing to strike could be sacked.