23 Jun 2007

Jail sentence for former American Samoa ANZ bank teller

9:35 am on 23 June 2007

A former teller for ANZ America Samoa Bank has been sentenced to 28 months in jail for stealing.

Gloria Asafo was originally charged with 27 counts of stealing and for forging cheques totalling nearly ten thousand US dollars belonging to a bank customer.

Nine forged cheques were written and cashed between January 22 and February 16 this year.

In a plea agreement with the government Ms Asafo pled guilty to a single count of stealing.

Chief Justice Michael Kruse handed sentenced Asafo to seven years in jail but suspended the jail term and placed her on probation for seven years after she serves defendant serves 28 months in jail.

Asafo was also ordered to pay restitution of US $11,400 to ANZ Bank and a fine of $2000 to the government.