17 Jul 2007

Niue Premier private sector plan sparking ex-pat interest

7:28 pm on 17 July 2007

Niue's Premier says a new development plan for the private sector is already sparking interest from Niue expats looking to return home.

The Niue Private Sector Development Plan is the first formal agreement has been made for private sector organisations and the government to work in partnership.

Premier Young Vivian says the government wants to help the private sector kick start its way forward, as this is key to providing future work especially in the areas of fishing, agriculture and tourism.

He says expats are already showing interest.

"Our own people from New Zealand and Australia, they're coming now, they're coming to size the place up and they're coming to see what they can do here on Niue."

Premier Young Vivian says the government will be listening to the recommendations made by private sector organisations, and assist them with their plans.