17 Aug 2007

NZ minister cautions Pacific people over loan costs

5:40 pm on 17 August 2007

The New Zealand Minister for Pacific Island Affairs, Phil Goff, says people need to think twice before taking out loans with credit suppliers.

Mr Goff's comments follow the release of a report by the Ministries of Consumer Affairs and Social Development into borrowing by pacific consumers from fringe credit providers.

The Minister says previously many borrowers went into an agreement without a good understanding of their contract, but they do now have the assistance of the TrueCost campaign.

"It's often very hard for anyone to understand what the fine print means and if you have English as a second language you're even more vulnerable, what the True Cost campaign is doing is trying the help people calculate the real cost associated with any loans they enter into and I welcome the fact that, that is now available in other languages such as Tongan and Samoan."

The Minister for Pacific Island Affairs, Phil Goff.