24 Oct 2007

Fiji Ministers will look foolish if they contest polls says military spokesman

11:11 am on 24 October 2007

Fiji's military says if ministers of the current interim cabinet decide to break their commitment not to stand in the next general election, they will look foolish.

The military spokesman, Lt Col Mosese Tikoitoga, has told the Fijilive news website that the military will have no part to play if interim ministers make the decision to contest the polls.

He says the decision will be left entirely to the interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, and individual interim ministers.

Lt Col Tikoitoga says interim ministers had taken an oath and made a commitment to the military before they joined the interim government that they would not contest the next election.

Lt Col Tikoitoga says if they change their minds and try to seek re-election, they will look foolish.

Eight interim ministers in the 17-member cabinet have previously contested elections while one was a senator in the last parliament.

Some of them have not ruled out standing in the next election.