30 Nov 2007

New Marshall Islands government says it will be looking to re-negotiate agreement on missile site

2:56 pm on 30 November 2007

The long-term future of the US missile-testing range on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands is in doubt with a new government sweeping to power in the republic.

Following the recent national elections, the ruling United Democratic Party is set to be replaced in power by the opposition Aelon Kein Ad party in January.

Reviewing the terms of the agreement for the multi-billion dollar missile testing range was one of the Aelon Kein Ad party's key campaign platforms.

The Aelon Kein Ad says Kwajalein landowners need much more money for use of their land.

Our correspondent Giff Johnson says leading Kwajalein chief, Imata Kabua, has put just another offer to the US over terms

"But at this stage, it's way too early to say what may happen but you can bet if they're in power the dynamics of the relationship with the US will totally change because the Kwajalein leadership is very unhappy with the current state of relations with the US over Kwajalein and the missile range."

Giff Johnson