27 Dec 2007

Fiji police officers issued a stern warning

11:50 am on 27 December 2007

Fiji police officers have been issued a stern warning that assaulting members of the public will not be condoned, following an incident where two boys were allegedly belted in public.

The assistant police spokesman, Corporal Josaia Weicavu, told the Fiji Times that no one is above the law.

Reports say a highway patrol vehicle stopped at the traffic lights in Suva and two police officers got out, walked over to three boys who were sitting on a bench when one of the officers allegedly belted two of the boys on their backside yesterday morning.

The boys walked away from the scene after that.

When questioned about the incident, Corporal Weicavu was not aware of it, as the matter was not reported with police.

But he says if such incidences do occur, police officers should always follow procedure and 'the rules of engagement.

He says irrespective of whether a person did something wrong or not, it was not for the police to take the law in their own hands and physically assault members of the public.