13 Mar 2008

Report launched in Solomon Islands looks at youth and mental health issues

11:48 am on 13 March 2008

A report has been launched in Solomon Islands looking at youth and mental health issues in the country.

The report reveals stark findings, including of substance abuse, inadequate education, lack of employment opportunities, depression, violence, and sexual abuse.

William Same, the director of the Solomon's mental health services, says it can be hard to treat people with mental illness in the community.

"Communities don't know how to manage patients, they don't know how to recognise mental illness, and they don't know what is mental health? So it's very important that we come up with these and we have to re-organise and put in some of our activities in place to carry out these findings."

William Same says while many initiatives will need more resources, some, like radio programmes on health promotion, can be changed immediately.