13 Mar 2008

Qarase tells court Fiji interim regime is illegal

7:02 pm on 13 March 2008

Suva's High Court has heard that Fiji's interim government is unlawful and non-existent.

The ousted prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, has detailed reasons under the constitution why the interim administration is illegal, as part of his case challenging the legality of the 2006 Coup.

Our correspondent, Matelita Ragogo, says the deposed home affairs minister, Josefa Vosanibola, began the day in court, but only to confirm applying for his office after resigning from cabinet.

She says Mr Qarase's lawyer, Nye Perram QC, then told the court the interim government is holding office now because of the manner in which it acquired power.

"When the court adjourned, Perram was still taking the panel of judges and the court through provisions of the constitutions that he hoped to use to support his argument that this is a non-existent government, it is illegal and unlawful."

Matelita Ragogo