8 Jul 2008

CNMI community group challenges governor

3:23 pm on 8 July 2008

The CNMI community group Taotao Tano has held a rally to demand the resignation of Governor Benigno Fitial and all of his appointees.

About 15 Taotao Tano members, with their children, stood for four hours in front of the Governor's Office, calling on the governor to step down, or at least to come out and speak to them.

Mr Fitial and his police escorts reportedly left the building through the back door without addressing the small crowd.

The group's leader, Gregorio Cruz, says it is disappointing he had to get four police officers to escort him.

He says they just wanted to talk to him about the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation contracts.

Taotao Tano has questioned CUC's 5.1 million US dollar contract with the Guam-based DCM Group for the repair of Saipan's Power Plant, and the 885,000 dollar contract with the Commonwealth Industrial Supply for the repair of another.