28 Aug 2008

Solomons seminar ponders way out of political instability

2:11 pm on 28 August 2008

An anti-corruption group in Solomon Islands says the country must find a way to address its political instability.

A workshop aimed at finding ways to set an end to party hopping and political instability is underway in Honiara.

Transparency International's chair, Bob Pollard, says the country can only achieve political stability through good governance.

But Mr Pollard says it has still a long way to go.

"We don't have strong political parties and so members of parliament are elected as individuals and they behave as individuals in parliament, we don't have a strong party culture. That's a real problem for any prime minister. When you have individuals it makes them more susceptible to being corrupted."

Bob Pollard says it needs to address this, he adds it's important though to not trade off some fundamental rights and freedoms.