9 Oct 2008

Fiji officials awaiting decision on funding for tourism promotion

11:19 am on 9 October 2008

Fiji tourism officials are awaiting government approval of a 15 million US dollar funding package, after a less than buoyant peak season.

The president of the Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism Association, Dixon Seeto, says visitor numbers have gone up in the last year, but with tourists staying for shorter periods, more hotel beds have been left empty.

He says having enough money to adequately promote tourism in Fiji would ensure the future growth of the industry and the Fiji economy.

"We need to raise the awareness of Fiji as a quality destination, do more branding and I think once we get that job done we are able to re-establish ourselves as a desirable and a quality destination and we could do something about the yield and perhaps the length of stay."

Mr Seeto says cheap travel deals have dragged the South Pacific into a purely price-led market.