15 Nov 2008

Locals seek help from police to reduce risk of crocodile attacks in Solomon Islands

3:22 pm on 15 November 2008

Some locals in the Solomon Island have sought help from police to reduce the risk of more possible crocodile attacks which have resulted in the deaths of three people in the past six months.

The latest attack saw a 10-year-old girl killed while in water on Russell Island last week.

Many people do not have guns to protect themselves from the animal as they'd been surrendered as part of the peace deal in 2003, which ended years of violence.

Dennis McDermott, the commander of the Participating Police Force says its responded to a number of calls from local.

"There are a few instants where we've got reports of them menacing people on beaches and small villages but look it's not a major problem and that's probably a bit unfair when you loose the life of an individual it is a major problem I suppose but what we're doing is trying to help get rid of the menacing ones."

Dennis McDermott says it has so far destroyed about 25 crocodiles in the last 12 months.