17 Nov 2008

Hopes that livestock confereence will attract more people to veterinarian training

11:43 am on 17 November 2008

A veterinarian in Samoa says she hopes an international conference for livestock experts will lure more people in the Pacific to think of studying to be a veterinarian.

Sina Moala, a councilor of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association, says about 108 people are expected to attend the meeting in Samoa this week.

She says experts from countries including Canada, Malaysia and the Caribbean will join pacific nations to talk about issues such as animal welfare, disease and maintaining quality of livestock products such as milk.

Ms Moala says it hopes inviting students to sit in on the four-day gathering would encourage people to think of a veterinarian career.

"We're hoping to get more students from the University of the South Pacific more aware of the profession and we've invited students to take part and hopefully this will be a chance for them to think of it as the next step in their career."

Sina Moala says more veterinarians are needed in the Pacific.