12 Jan 2009

Water shortages continue to plague Saipan

11:37 am on 12 January 2009

In the Northern Marinanas, water shortages in several areas on Saipan remains a big problem among residents.

Water for cooking, washing dishes and the laundry in the CNMI is usually supplied by the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation to houses where water pressure is a problem.

But the CUC has been struggling to provide water for people on Saipan.

Saipan's Mayor Juan Tudela says his department is doing all it can to address the problem.

Our correspondent in the CNMI, Mark Rabago, says hundreds of homes are without daily water supplies.

"It's fine if you apartment supplies water so we have no problem with as the aparment pressure is fine and they have deep wells, some of the houses here, some of the homes have deep wells. But those who have not have to rely on the Mayor's office, and the Mayor's office, because of the cut down in their budget hasn't had enough budget to supply the needs, especially buying new trucks or water tanks for that matter."

Mark Rabago says all drinking water in the CNMI is bought from the shop.