19 Jan 2009

CNN provides free ads for Guam after "on air" mistake

11:52 am on 19 January 2009

The news network CNN has agreed to provide free air time for commercials touting Guam as a tourist destination to make up for the networks mistake in airing footage of Yap last year and calling it Guam.

The Pacific News centre reports the Guam visitors bureau as saying the TV commercials promoting Guam will begin airing on CNN and CNN International next week.

The commercials are being provided at no cost, after the Bureau complained to CNN about the report that aired on May 24, last year.

The Bureau says it felt strongly that the footage misrepresented Guam's culture and the island's cosmopolitan appeal.

The TV commercials will air for one week, beginning Monday, January 19 until Sunday the 25th.