31 Jan 2009

Pacific nations want to receive more benefits from tuna

8:05 am on 31 January 2009

The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority Director, Glen Joseph, wants Pacific Island nations to receive more benefits from the tuna caught in their waters.

He says the Parties to the Nauru Agreement are no longer satisfied.

He says they get less than five percent of the 3 billion US dollar annual revenue from the tuna harvest in the Pacific.

Most of the tuna is taken from within the 200 mile ocean zones surrounding these countries.

Mr Joseph said the Nauru Agreement nations have the power to enforce change to their benefit.

He says after earlier failures to protect stocks, Nauru agreement nations adopted conservation measures ahead of a meeting of the Tuna Commission in South Korea last year.

He believes that was a catalyst for the Tuna Commission to successfully reach conservation agreements.

The PNA nations are expected to meet in New Zealand later this year to flesh out details of their plan to extract better financial returns on fish caught in their waters.

Mr Joseph says the message to fishing nations is help Pacific Nations to develop the resource and get greater benefits.