13 Feb 2009

Qarase will not be given a pension says Fiji's interim PM

8:48 am on 13 February 2009

Fiji's ousted Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, will not be given the Prime Minister's pension because he had appealed the High Court decision on his case against the interim Government.

Mr Qarase told the Fiji Times reports he received a letter from the Prime Minister's office informing him of the decision

He says he now has two options.

He says he can either go to his lawyers on the issue or await the decision on his appeal since it was just a month and a half away from the hearing.

He says he favoured the latter since a decision could be made on his appeal by next month.

Mr Qarase says he is entitled to the full benefit of the pension as he had served more than five years as prime minister.

Mr Qarase served as an interim prime minister after the 2000 coup.

A spokesman for the interim government Parmesh Chand says the issue was between the two offices.