26 Mar 2009

Fiji sevens coach reverts to homegrown players

11:51 am on 26 March 2009

The Fiji rugby union sevens coach, Iliesa Tanivula, has put faith in the homegrown players for this weekend's Hong Kong sevens.

Tanivula says their World Cup campaign was disappointing despite bringing in the international players.

However, he says he has confidence in the team they're putting up at this weekend's tournament.

"Totally different squad but these are the guys that have really put their hands up in the local scene so it's time to get them out and expose them at this level and of course Mose Vucago has been here Nasoni Roco a few of the players have been around, so its good to have the mix of the young and upcoming players."

Fiji rugby sevens coach Iliesa Tanivula.