2 Apr 2009

American Samoa's InfoTech negotiates with Samoa

11:42 am on 2 April 2009

Information Technology American Samoa Incorporated, the company given exclusive rights to operate a call center in the territory, is negotiating with the Samoan government for a similar operation.

But InfoTech does not expect the operation to be as high tech as the planned call centers for Pago Pago.

However Samoan House members are expressing their concern, saying InfoTech should be concentrating on American Samoa, where it has an exclusivity agreement with the territorial government.

It also says there are no signs the call center operations in Pago Pago will be starting soon.

InfoTech president Mark Hunsaker told lawmakers its planned operations in Samoa are much different than the plans for American Samoa, and will "compliment" local operations.

He says he hopes meetings in Apia, which start over the weekend, will complete other phases of the company's plans in Samoa.