19 Apr 2009

Marshalls President survives no confidence vote

2:11 pm on 19 April 2009

The Marshall Islands President Litokwa Tomeing survived a vote of no confidence on Saturday that took a court order to happen and has given control of the government to the opposition party.

Hours after the President shook up his Cabinet by naming four opposition senators, the Attorney General filed suit against the Speaker contending he was violating the Constitution's 10-day no confidence vote deadline by scheduling the vote for this week.

But late on Friday night, High Court Chief Justice Carl Ingram ruled for the government, agreeing that Saturday was the 10th and last day for the vote to be held according to the Constitution.

Those filing the motion were three votes short of the number needed to oust Mr Tomeing.

It was the fourth motion of no confidence in the 30-year history of the country, and the second unsuccessful motion against Mr Tomeing since he took office in January 2008.