25 May 2009

Protestors in Sydney "mourn" death of democracy

6:42 am on 25 May 2009

More than 150 people have supported a march in Sydney calling for the removal of Frank Bainimarama's military regime and the restoration of democracy in their homeland.

Many of the Fiji community there donned black arm bands to mourn the death of democracy in Fiji.

Fiji-born New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan, who was once accused of masterminding in a assassination plot against Commodore Bainimarama, joined in the protest action organised by the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement.

He told the AAP news agency that the popular holiday destination had turned into dictatorship where mistrust had spread among its citizens and neighbours were informing on each other.

Mr Khan believes the Australian government needs to do more in trying to bring about change in Fiji, including economic sanctions.