10 Jun 2009

Prominent lawyer warns Fiji on path to failed state

1:51 pm on 10 June 2009

A former Fiji Law Society president, Graham Leung, says the people of Fiji must change the path they are on or they risk finding themselves in a sad, failed country.

Mr Leung was to speak at this week's Accountants Congress but he withdrew after the police threatened the organisers to cancel the meetings' license should he and two others, Richard Naidu and Dr Brij Lal, appear.

He says people should stop burying their heads in the sand and take action.

"The blood instruments of coercion have never really worked anywhere in terms of a cursory review of the history books. If we don't correct the current path that we are on, we shouldn't be surprised if we ended similar to a country such as Zimbabwe."

Graham Leung says a nation that lives under the tyranny of dictatorship loses its vitality and zest of life.