29 Jul 2009

Compromise sought in Vanuatu media row

1:46 pm on 29 July 2009

The president of the Media Association of Vanuatu, Moses Stevens,s ays he expects a compromise to be reached to end a row within the body.

Ahead of it hosting this week's Pacific Media Summit, the Association fell into turmoil over questions of ethics in how the organisation responded to the assault of a journalist earlier this year.

The rift has seen journalists of the Daily Post newspaper at loggerheads with the Association's leadership, but Mr Stevens says he hopes an amicable way forward will be found.

"I would respect each other's opinion. I was falsely accused of certain things that was put on the front page and that is defamatory, as far as I'm concerned."

Moses Stevens says he hopes the internal matter will be cleared up after the Pacific Media Summit.