10 Aug 2009

Another mother in Samoa dies from swine flu

6:08 am on 10 August 2009

The Ministry of Health in Samoa has confirmed the death of another mother fom swine flu.

She died a day after a pregnant woman, who was diagnosed with H1N1, died following a caesarian operation to save her child.

The most recent victim of swine flu was a woman from Aleipata district, who was rushed to the national hospital for medical treatments but died before arrival.

Health sources say members of the dead mother's family have also been diagnosed as infected, including young children, but doctors and nurses were immediately sent to provide medical assistance.

Meanwhile three mothers who called into the special clinic for pregnant women at the national hospital have been admitted to the isolation ward with swine flu symptoms.

The ministry of health has announced the reopening of all schools in the country on Tuesday.

Schools were closed for two weeks in order to contain the spread of the swine flu.