12 Aug 2009

Pastor in Samoa calls on Methodist church leaders to end abuse of powers

12:16 pm on 12 August 2009

A Methodist church minister in Samoa is calling on the President and the general secretary of the church to stop abusing their position of power and to end the unlawful use of the church's assets.

The Reverend Petaia Setu has accused the two of using land that belongs to the church to keep their cattle on, instead of taking them to their own properties.

The Reverend broke his silence after he was recently asked to resign when his wife became ill.

But the Reverend insists the request for him to step down was made because he is outspoken and always questioned the many injustices in the church leadership.

The Reverend Petaia says the church is materialistic and seeks wealth while people are suffering because of the financial demands by church leaders.

But the General Secretary, the Reverend Tupu Folasa, has dismissed the allegations, saying the church is on the right path in administering its developments and affairs.