3 Sep 2009

Watchdog in Solomon Islands says telecoms competition will spark rural growth

2:55 pm on 3 September 2009

The non-government organisation Transparency Solomon Islands says opening the gate to competition in the country's telecommunications market will help to pave the way for new businesses in the rural sector.

The previous Telecommunications Act only allowed for a single provider, but new legislation will give other companies a chance to provide phone and internet services.

The chair of Transparency Solomon Islands Bob Pollard says phone and internet services are not only limited but expensive and the lack of communication in rural areas has held back development.

"You miss out on services and so you live in a situation where people live in a world of their own and I guess it forces people to remain in a subsistence type lifestyle. So the opportunity for communication just opens up so many doors in terms of retail income opportunities that you just don't have when you're isolated."

Bob Pollard from Transparency Solomon Islands.