1 Oct 2009

Competition goes on at mini games despite tsunami tragedy

8:29 am on 1 October 2009

Competition at the Pacific mini games in the Cook Islands continued but was marred by the devastating tsunami tragedy that hit some pacific countries

Elma Maua reports

"Prayers and support were the order of the day, as athletes consoled competitors from Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga, all affected by the deadly tsunami. But after the all clear was given that Rarotonga would not be affected, the games continued. Fiji have surged ahead on the medals table with 31 gold. Tahiti, who picked up gold in table tennis, are second with 20 but could move ahead when the sailing finishes in Aitutaki. The Cook Islands, with nine gold, picked up gold at the bowls in the mens fours and singles. It was a close finish in the touch rugby with the Cook Islands narrowly beating Fji 8-7. And in weightlifting Federated States of Micronesia one of the smallest teams won three gold medals in the mens 62kg. Samoa lifter Faitoa Togagae won gold in the womens 63 kg. A full day of competition today which includes the triathlon. The rugby union sevens are inn town and begin their event."