5 Oct 2009

Polynesian Airlines offers deals to help tsunami aftremath

7:41 am on 5 October 2009

Samoa's Polynesian Airlines has assisted Samoans in American Samoa through the provision of discounted airfares and has offered the use of Faleolo Airport for naval services and the releasing of cargos.

The airfare discount offer and waving of tax on imported goods has come after the government replaced the declaration of disaster with a proclamation of emergency.

The government has also released the latest assessment of damage to the infrastructure, public and private properties, placing it at about 150 million US dollars or 380 million Samoan Tala.

International agencies and the governments of New Zealand, Australia and China have also provided assistance through the provision of medical personnel and supplies, food, water and shelter, transportation and other experts.

Samoa's other development partners have also promised assistance towards relief efforts.