30 Oct 2009

Solomons to launch new policy to curb violence against women

3:29 pm on 30 October 2009

A new policy to combat violence against women in Solomon Islands should be delivered to Cabinet in the next couple of weeks, ready to be launched at the end of November.

Research, which will be released at the same time, found that two thirds of Solomons women, aged 15 to 49, have suffered some form of physical or sexual abuse.

Ethel Sigimanu, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for Women, Youth and Children's Affairs, says some of the research has already been released to parliament, when the minister was asked a question in the House.

"So in a way, that has paved the way to the submission to Cabinet. So there's been a fair bit of information already that has been disseminated to government. But we also feel that we need to do a bit more advocacy before the research actually goes."

Ethel Sigimanu.