21 Dec 2009

Fiji government officials hope to provide financial help to farmers hit by cyclone

8:19 pm on 21 December 2009

Fiji's Ministry of Agriculture is hoping it can offer farmers financial help with the impact of Cyclone Mick estimated to have cost them millions of dollars.

Data is still being assessed but the Ministry's chief economics officer, Waisiki Gonemaituba says up to 60 percent of food crops in the Western and Central divisions on Viti Levu were ruined by the wind and rain..

He says damage to food crops in the Western division alone is now estimated at two million US dollars while damage to kava is put at nearly four million dollars.

"By the end of this week we'll know and compile the final report for the damage assessment. And we'll see how we go with government if there's assistance available or if we have to go offshore and right now we're looking within the Ministry's budget if we have any that we can start off with."

Waisiki Gonemaituba of Fiji Ministry of Agriculture.