27 Jan 2010

Tautua Samoa backers to challenge amendment

11:56 am on 27 January 2010

Two of the nine independent MPs who founded the Tautua Samoa party are supporting the party despite new electoral and constitutional amendments.

The Tautua Samoa Party is seeking legal advice after the Constitution Amendment Bill was passed, backed by a two-thirds majority.

The amendent is aimed at restricting party hopping or affiliations with different political groups, with any breach resulting in a by-election.

The Tautua Party chairman Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi says it's unfair to take away the rights of minorities and independents.

He says it's an attempt to stop any kind of opposition party.

"So myself and one other colleague Palusalue Faapo II we are still adamant and we still remain affiliated with Tautua, we're still a part of Tautua Samoa and if that means we have to go to by-elections, we'll still do that. But we will also be looking at challenging that amendment in court."

Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi.