11 Feb 2010

President of Flying Doctors of America arrives in American Samoa

12:00 pm on 11 February 2010

The president of Flying Doctors of America, an organization which sends medical personnel and supplies all over the world, Dr Allan Gathercoal, has arrived in the territory.

He is visiting after being contacted by local politician, Aumua Amata Coleman.

Dr Gathercoal will meet with the LBJ Hospital and the Heath Department and assess what is available at the dispensaries on Tutuila and on Manu'a.

His visit is being co-ordinated by Patricia Tindall, the former CEO of LBJ Hospital.

The organization is planning to bring a team of more than 40 to American Samoa in the summer.

It plans to use the LBJ Hospital as a training centre for other island territories and nations in the Pacific.