9 Mar 2010

Solomons warns about RSE scheme abuse

3:15 pm on 9 March 2010

The Solomon Islands Government is warning people wanting to join New Zealand's Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme to watch out for bogus operators.

The Labour Mobility Unit and the New Zealand High Commission in Honiara are concerned that unlicensed operators are trying to recruit workers and demand money from them.

The Director of External Trade, Hence Vaekesa, says the problem surfaced before a licence and certificate were introduced but he says people may still be trying to cheat.

He says both the public and recruitment agents are being warned.

"They have to be very careful on which agency that they know. We actually tell the agency to also display their licence, so we inform the public too. If they are in doubt, then we always welcome them to come and see us."

Hence Vaekesa says penalties could be faced by anyone caught recruiting without a licence.