10 Aug 2010

Air Vanuatu meets airport operator over security breach

9:17 pm on 10 August 2010

Air Vanuatu has raised concerns about security at the airport on Tanna after one of its flights was delayed by a disgruntled former employee and his supporters.

Spokesperson Tiffany Carrol says the flight from White Grass domestic airport to Port Vila was delayed for two hours when a small group got onto the tarmac.

She says they managed to communicate via radio with the crew, demanding a meeting with the airline's chief.

"There was certainly no threat to the aircraft or the crew. We called the police, they assisted. The group disrupting the plane were removed, I believe peacefully, that they went of their own accord and our passengers were then allowed to board and return back to Port Vila."

Tiffany Carrol of Air Vanuatu.

Ms Carrol couldn't say why the former worker was upset but local reports are that he was angry at losing his job.