27 Sep 2010

Drug use may end career of American Samoa police officers

7:12 am on 27 September 2010

American Samoa's Commissioner of Public safety, Tuaolo Fruean, has recommended the sacking of five police officers for alleged drug use.

Two of the five have either resigned or have been terminated while the other three are going through the termination process with the Department of Human Resources.

Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety, Leseiau Laumoli, says an internal investigation found evidence the officers had used drugs.

He said the officers were also involved in other misconduct which he did not go into.

Mr Laumoli told KHJ News the department has to set its house in order first and while such behaviour may have been overlooked in the past, the present leadership will not allow it.

He says they cannot come down hard on members of the public for drugs when they have people on the force doing it too and getting away with it.