10 Nov 2011

Nearly 600 confirmed with dengue in Marshall Islands

5:09 pm on 10 November 2011

With hundreds of confirmed dengue fever cases in the Marshall Islands, the capital city of Majuro has launched an aggressive campaign to eradicate mosquitoes.

It's being helped by experts from United States agencies, including a Navy team that arrived in Majuro this week to kill mosquitoes with pesticides.

Nearly all the dengue fever cases are on Majuro, with only three confirmed on nearby Arno Atoll.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, reports that the numbers infected have soared with a steady stream needing hospital treatment.

"Many of the people initially admitted have been released but you know it's a steady inflow. They have had almost 600 confirmed cases as of earlier this week. So it's really skyrocketed from the initial 20 or some cases two weeks ago."

Marshall Islands correspondent Giff Johnson