8 May 2012

No harm for Fiji soldiers in Egypt checkpoint incident

3:08 pm on 8 May 2012

Fiji's Land Forces Commander says Fiji soldiers were not in harm's way during a checkpoint incident in Egypt overnight.

International media reported ten soldiers were kidnapped by Bedouin tribesmen in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula demanding authorities free fellow tribesmen from prison, before being released.

But Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga says the media was misinformed.

He says while out on a routine patrol, the soldiers came across a checkpoint, but were never disarmed.

"As they approached the checkpoint there were a few overhead warning shots, by the Bedouins. Our guys maintained their calm, did not return fire, but took up positions close to the checkpoint so that they could then negotiate."

Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga says there is nothing to suggest the soldiers faced any harm.