25 Oct 2012

Hopes new advertising will addresss NZers confusion over Cooks

9:47 am on 25 October 2012

It's hoped to a new advertising strategy will help address a confused perception held my many New Zealanders over the Cook Islands as a destination.

A recent survey by Cook Islands Tourism in New Zealand, found that many New Zealanders don't make the connection between the Cook Islands and Rarotonga, and some think the main island is a part of Tonga.

The general manager Graeme West says despite New Zealanders making up the bulk of visitors to the country, it's been a long-standing misconception.

"Kiwis have a very colloquial sort of feeling and nature about Raro, Rarotonga and I think that's why there is this confusion with the name. Most people say they're going to Rarotonga for a holiday as opposed to saying they're going to the Cook Islands."

Graeme West says the company plans to change the way it advertises the destination so that the name Cook Islands will become more prominent.