14 Dec 2012

Boat safety campaign take to Auckland's Pacific community

4:17 pm on 14 December 2012

Various New Zealand government and local body agencies meet the Pacific Island community in Auckland tomorrow to promote safe boating practices.

Maritime New Zealand's Alistair Thompson says the exercise has taken on greater importance with four boating deaths involving Pacific Islanders in the Auckland region in the past few months.

He says their Folau Malu or Journey Safely programme teaches Pacific people boating safety and identifies those with skills and experience to work as trainers within the community.

"Tomorrow what we have got is a bit of a pre-season - come on down to Mangere Bridge, bring your boat. We are going to have some experienced people there and we are going to kick the tyres if you like, have a bit of a chat with you, talk about the general condition of your boat, talk about safety equipment, talk about the mechanical condition, and give you some information about life jackets."

Alistair Thompson of Maritime New Zealand