4 Feb 2013

Rae to step down from Fiji's National Federation Party

2:36 pm on 4 February 2013

The General Secretary of Fiji's National Federation Party, Pramod Rae, says he will step down from his role with the party.

Mr Rae's future NFP role has been under question following the new Political Parties Decree which bans union officials from holding party positions.

Mr Rae, who is the General Secretary of the Bank and Financial Employees Union, says the party will appoint members who comply with the decree's rules.

"I am now prohibited from being a member of or holding an office in a political party. So, yes, I am disqualified from holding a political party office or even a political party membership."

Pramod Rae says the NFP hopes to gain the five thousand members needed to re-register as a political party by the deadline next Thursday.