12 Aug 2015

Fiji police investigate unauthorised 'military' training

4:14 pm on 12 August 2015

Fiji police say there could be more arrests following reports of a group conducting military-style training in the hills of Ra.

Five men have now appeared in court on sedition charges and inciting communal antagonism.

In a statement, the Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald, says investigations are continuing and there is a possibility more people could be charged.

Reports were also received about the use of guns but police have not been able to confirm this or locate any weapons.

The Deputy Commissioner of Operations Isikeli Vuniwaqa is in the Western Division overseeing investigations and is discouraging people from getting involved in illegal activities.

Police say there is no security threat and people living in the area have nothing to fear as officers are in control of the situation.

Fiji's Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald

Fiji's Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald Photo: Facebook