22 Jan 2016

Samoa Tourist Authority proud of ethical travel win

10:25 am on 22 January 2016

The Samoa Tourist Authority says it is very proud with the country's recent recognition as a travel destination.

The non-profit group Ethical Traveler has named Samoa in its annual list of the ten most ethical destinations in the developing world.

The CEO of the Samoa Tourist Authority, Papalili Sonja Hunter, says this is the third time Samoa has made the list and organisations such as the UN and the World Bank weighed in.

"It's really wonderful because it actually promotes that Samoa is a good destination to visit. It actually, are very high in levels of human rights, when considering sustainable tourism development, it's fairly serious about keeping the environment as well as sustaining our culture."

Mrs Hunter says sustainable development is a focus of the Prime Minister and it is hoped Samoa will be using 100 percent renewable energy by 2017.

The list is a project of the Berkeley-based Earth Island Institute, and each country is rated on human rights, social and animal welfare, environmental protection, as well as its attraction as a tourist destination.

Beach in Samoa

Photo: Corbis