3 Feb 2016

Former Fiji cop to 'return' to Fiji as investigation continues

8:18 am on 3 February 2016

The former Director of Intelligence and Investigations for the Fiji police is reportedly due to return to Fiji to face further questions from the police.

Henry Brown resigned from his position while overseas and on leave, following an announcement that he was being investigated for what the Acting Police Commissioner called a serious internal matter.

Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho told FBC News the first phase of the investigation has been completed.

He said the Office of the Public Prosecutor has identified sufficient evidence which Mr Brown will have to answer to when he returns to Fiji.

The former Police Commissioner, Ben Groenewald, who resigned last year citing interference from the military, recently told the ABC that Mr Brown had fled to Australia and feared for his life.

Mr Brown said the internal inquiry is being conducted contrary to principles of good governance.

Before he was suspended, he was in charge of the investigation into police accused of the rape of Vilikesi Soko in 2014, who died after allegedly being beaten while in police custody.

Two of the rape-accused have been put in charge of investigating Mr Brown.