29 Jun 2017

Claims of irregularities around 2014 Fiji election are dismissed

7:22 am on 29 June 2017

Fiji's Electoral Commission has dismissed political parties' claims of irregularities in the 2014 election.

But it's accepted half of the international observers' recommendations and is leaving several others to parliament to decide.

The commission's chairperson Suresh Chandra told a parliamentary committee no more time should be spent on alleged irregularities as the five parties who'd made the claims had failed to present any evidence.

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The Electoral Commission has dismissed claims there were irregularities in 2014 Photo: RNZI / Sally Round

Mr Chandra said all the allegations lacked merits and were falsely designed to undermine faith in the electoral process.

The commission rejected about a quarter of the mutlinational observer group's recommendations and said others like changes to public order rules had already been implemented.

It rejected suggested improvements to the media environment and changes to penalties for breaching some electoral laws.

Mr Chandra expressed confidence in the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem and his office.

Parties earlier questioned his independence and called for his removal.